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ICAST 2015 – The Cooler Wars

History may judge otherwise, but in this writers humble opinion on the morning of Wednesday July 17, 2015 in Orlando Florida the dogs of the Cooler Wars had clearly been unleashed.

DIY Yeti Cooler
photo courtesy of ginkandgasoline.com

You couldn’t walk more than a handful of steps on the showroom floor, in any direction, without tripping over another ice chest or cooler manufacturer. It left this Old Salt with a niggling suspicion that there must surely be a a lot of gold in them thar hills…..

This is all good news. The plethora of manufacturers and product in the marketplace encourages innovation, provides a measure of downward/stabilizing price pressure and affords consumers a wide range of choices to meet a range of cooler wants & requirements.

Sure, not everyone needs a rig that will keep things cold for 10+ days, have capacity for a couple weeks worth of beer, vittles & an ex wife, serve as a dance party platform or phone home. But, if you do, there’s a cooler out there for you and it was likely being showcased at ICAST 2015.

The move to the high end continues to gather steam with many coolers sporting massive feature sets, sure to warm (er, cool?) the hearts of outdoor gear heads everywhere. High end cooler manufacturers at this years show included Yeti, Grizzly, Engel, Orca, Orion, Pelican and KYSEK toi name a few. Notable high performance no-shows include Icey-Tek & Canyon, along with legacy ice chest manufacturers Coleman & Igloo.

So, with all that is available, what do you want or need in the way of a cooler ? Extreme cold? Extreme durability? Extreme portability? Remote monitoring? What? we’d really like to know.

Here’s my scoop: For catch, I use the Pro Catch Cooler by IceMule and have my eye (Christmas present, anyone?) on the Watertrail Insulated Fishing Buddy Cooler and Tackle Box for extended usage. Portability, flexibility and ease of use dominate my requirements list.

So, Old Salt is asking you to tell us whose product you use (or lust after) and what requirements/desires do you need met by your cooler.

Tell Us About Your Cooler

Transparency Statement: Old Salt receives no compensation from any of the cooler manufacturers mentioned in this post. Yeti Coolers is a past product sponsor providing support for our programs and tournaments.

Too Funny: Captain Jeff riffs on Icast guys 🙂

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