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Hubbard’s Marina Johns Pass Fishing report 4/10/14

Kingfish caught by Charley McNulty one of our regular's club members on the 10 hour all dayInshore– Steve Pollier, and his son, were fishing around Hubbard’s Marinas main dock the past few days and they have been doing great! Steve’s son landed an almost 30 inch snook, and Steve himself caught two nice redfish! They also caught a few jack crevalle, and everything was caught with live shrimp weighted to bottom.  Marty Jensen, a St. Petersburg local who fishes the jetty regularly, caught a beautiful Tarpon early last week from the tip of the North Jetty! He sight casted to a pod of fish feeding on greenbacks with a Bomber Magnum long A with a dark green back. It was a large seven inch lipped lure that they inhaled instantly he reported.  Paul Carver, from Grand RapidsMichigan, was fishing from the beach behind our shop inside of Johns pass catching some nice Flounder and bonnet head sharks between the plentiful catfish that were also taking his live shrimp.  Ashley Messier, from Saskatchewan Canada, was fishing with her father from the north jetty and she was showing him how to do it! She not only caught a nice flounder, she also caught a beautiful sheepshead! No Mackerel were reported being caught but that was most likely due to the cold front that made fishing impossible two days, and then the following days after the front the water in the pass was so muddy it was making the bait impossible to find, thus the mackerel probably moved off the beaches a few miles in search of clearer water and more plentiful bait populations, but we expect them back as the water lays down and clears up.

red grouper and grey snapper caught by Ike and Barbie from OcalaNear shore- The red grouper were picky the past week due to the looming stalled front early last week, and then we had a strong front actually hit us a few days following this. This caused the grouper bite to be timid, but we are hoping it will be turning around soon as the barometer stabilizes. The grey snapper on the other hand, however, didn’t seem to be affected or care about the unstable barometric pressures this past week. They have been chewing the bottom out of our boats! The kingfish and mackerel have been fired up around the near shore wrecks! We have been catching a handful of these nice fish on almost every half day.  

Offshore- We have not had a 39 hour since our last report, but by the time your reading this we will have a 39 hour trip coming back so if you want a full report check in on our Facebook page! However, we did have a 12 hour long-range amberjack trip on April 3rd. That trip was much slower than our first two 12 hr day long-range trips, coming back with only a handful of trophy fish but we hope the next one will be back to normal since we’re trying a different area and were hoping for much better results!

By Hubbard’s Marina – Dylan and Capt Mark Hubbard


What’s coming up at Hubbard’s marina

Remember our Kayak fishing trips? We plan to start these again twice monthly starting now in April! If you have ever wondered how to successfully fish from a kayak join our experienced guide for some kayak fishing fun! The first trip will be Tuesday April 15th. Call us for reservations or for more information. May through October we will offer this twice a month, but in April we may only offer one so call us today to reserve a spot, space is limited!

 Also, we have added a beer cooler to our shop! Now you can get all your tackle, bait and beer in the same place for shore fishing! Or you can pick up a case on the way home from a successful fishing day! This beer will still not be allowed on our boats, however, due to the stringent alcohol licensing rules.

Our Last 39 hour trip in April is Friday the 25th on the new moon! This trip offers 20 hours of fishing time 70-100 miles from shore, PLUS a two-day bag limit!

During April we have 2 remaining twelve hour specialty trips. One of these will be 12 hour long-range day trip. The day trips are Thursdays only, and we will be going 40-60 miles out to target large amberjack and red grouper. The next long range 12 hour day trip is April 17th! The last 12 hour trip will be 12 hour night snapper trip. The night snapper 12 hours are Friday nights only, and we go 20-30 miles out for mangrove snapper. The final night snapper trip of this month is a new moon trip on Friday, April 25th!

We have another shark trip Friday night April 18th from 7pm till midnight. On our first shark trip we did really well! The big shark we caught was a 7ft black tip. The shark trips have changed drastically from last year. We don’t offer shark trips on the party boats anymore. This year these trips are aboard our private charter boat, the Hub. We only allow 8 passengers, and we only supply the best possible shark tackle. We have also perfected the chum, and on the smaller quieter fiberglass private charter boat with no running generator were attracting the big boys. Join us for some night shark fishing fun!

Our FULL 2014 specialty trips schedule has been posted to our website! Not only are the 39 hours showing now, but ALL our 12 hours are also listed. (Could you link the words “specialty trip schedule” to the following link:http://hubbardsmarina.com/assets/specialty_schedule.pdf)

If you ever have been interested in our regular’s clubs, E-mail Dylan at: Info@hubbardsmarina.com and he can send you all the pertinent information.  There are tons of discounts available and many different club options, there are four clubs in total this year and one is even FREE to join!

Coupon information

FREE 6” Rapala Fillet knife with any online group reservation! Comes with sheath and knife sharpener (21$ value!)


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  1. I went on a 12 hour fishing trip today and I was told that Hubbard’s has a fishing club that has 3 levels. Do you have any information about this?

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