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Hubbard’s Marina Johns Pass Fishing report 3/12/2014

12 hour long-range specialty trip catch scamp grouper, mangrove snapper, strawberry and red grouper as wellInshore- Richard Vargas, a St. Pete local, caught a beautiful gator trout while drifting the flats inside John’s Pass. He caught it while free-lining a shrimp. Capt. Mark reported watching a boat drifting the pass along the docks catching lots of snook on an incoming tide. When they got close enough, they reported using large green backs for bait on a free-line. This means they were using a baited hook with no weight or bobbers. Andy Wood caught a nice bonnet head shark on squid from the north Jetty of John’s Pass. David Ward, from Pennsylvania, caught a nice mackerel on a live shrimp while using a bobber from the jetty by Mr. Wood. Sharon Miller, from Maryland, was also fishing from the jetty and caught a nice pompano early in the morning on a live shrimp weighted to the bottom. These fish cruise the passes and beaches in the early morning and at dusk looking for crustaceans hiding in the sand. Their bait of choice is sand fleas. Jeff Molinaro, also from Pennsylvania, was catching nice sheepshead on dead shrimp weighted to the bottom from the beach to the right of the north jetty of John’s Pass.

larry miller, who's been fishing with us for more than 20 years, with our recent record breaking lion fishNear shore- The mackerel are here in force, but the kings are lagging behind. We have yet to land a kingfish on the half day while trolling or from the all day while flat-lining. The overnight trip has picked up one or two way offshore but they haven’t ventured close to shore yet this spring.  The grey snapper bite has been on fire on the flat hard bottom near shore, but the hogfish have seemed to dwindle a bit. We haven’t been landing them like we were in late February. The grouper bite has been recovering. We have even been catching a few on the half day trips. The nice weather coming through this weekend should allow us to get out and bring in a nice load of grouper. Check out our Facebook page for a more up-to-date catch report!

 Offshore- We haven’t had a 39 hour go out since our last report, so we don’t have much to talk about. We did however, have a 12 hour long-range trip this past weekend. They ran out fifty five plus miles, but they didn’t have the type of fishing day we have come to expect. The jacks were hard to find and spread out. The big red groupers were biting and we did get some nice mangrove snappers as well, but we didn’t get onto the jacks like we planned. We did bring home some nice snapper and grouper, and on our next trip, we plan to take a different route of attack.

What’s coming up at Hubbard’s Marina

We have gotten a new bait freezer in our shop at Hubbard’s Marina! With the new room we have seriouslyincreased our frozen bait selection. We now carry five lb boxes of cigar minnows, three lb bags of baby octopus, rock shrimp, clam strips, sand fleas, shrimp and squid. Were working to secure frozen oysters and fiddler crabs as well!

Also, we have added a beer cooler to our shop! Now you can get all your tackle, bait and beer in the same place for shore fishing! Or you can pick up a case on the way home from a successful fishing day! This beer will still not be allowed on our boats, however, due to the stringent alcohol licensing rules.

We have added another 39 hour in the month of March! We now have a New Moon 39 hour on Friday March 28th! This trip has a super light load since it was just added, make sure to book early as possible to secure the spot you want! Also, don’t forget to tell your friends because this trip will be one to remember with its light load! 

Our FULL 2014 specialty trips schedule has been posted to our website! Not only are the 39 hours showing now, but ALL our 12 hours are also listed http://hubbardsmarina.com/assets/specialty_schedule.pdf

During this month, we will have one more day time 12 hour specialty trip. The next 12 hour long-range trip is Thursday March 20th! This is a long-range trip meaning; we will be going 30-50 miles from shore running out for 2-3 hours for large trophy fish out in the deep water!

We will have one more 12 hour night snapper trip this month. This trip is scheduled for Friday March 28thand will be going out from 7pm-7am! This trip will offer 7-8 hours of fishing time in depths around 100 feet! We will be targeting mangrove snapper and red grouper.


Hubbard’s Marina broke yet another fishing record recently! We now have the record for the LARGEST lionfish ever caught on hook and line. The largest ever recorded was around 16 and a half inches and that was speared, but ours was only a ½ inch shy of the largest ever recorded! These fish are an invasive species that can terrorize an ecosystem and they are taking over our Gulf. They are illegal to release alive, believe it or not. We kill every one we catch, and then freeze it to be sent away for research and that’s how we found out we set this record. Come out on a trip for a chance to help do your part in ridding the Gulf of lionfish!

If you ever have been interested in our regular’s clubs, E-mail Dylan at: Info@hubbardsmarina.com and he can send you all the pertinent information.  There are tons of discounts available and many different club options, there are four clubs in total this year and one is even FREE to join!


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  1. Wife treated me & we went on an all-day trip on my 60th B-Day on 3/12/15, & I caught a 36.5 pound Amberjack. It was the 1st fish caught & the biggest fish of the day. Along with the Extremely PROFESSIONAL Capt & Crew,
    (I believe the Capt’s name was Jason Hubbard) we had a blast that day !!!

    I highly believe that am Man should be paid for the work he does, & the crew works their ass off tending to everything required…& some, but the only gripe I had was during our offshore meeting, one of the lead deck hands MUST have mentioned 20 times during the 20 minute do’s & dont’s that they EXPECTED EVERYONE FISHING…TO DONATE AT LEAST $20.00 PER FISHERMAN TO THEM AS A TIP. W.T.F is that all about? I made sure that I gave each deck hand a nice fold-up knife as soon as I got on board, but to go around begging for money just doesn’t cut it with me.
    I think Old Hubb ought to start paying those guys. I mean 80 people fishing at $150.00 per person equals to $12,000 + the extra bait sold to us, + buying food & beer & drinks & rod rental they must average between $13,000 & 15,000 just for a few hours on a boat.


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