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Hubbard’s Marina Johns Pass Fishing Report 3/6/14

Hubbard’s Marina Johns Pass Fishing Report 3/12/14

Fishing report

John Richardson from Oaktown Indiana with a LARGE mangrove snapper at sunrise
John Richardson from Oaktown Indiana with a LARGE mangrove snapper at sunrise

Inshore Morgan Anderson a St. Pete local, was catching lots of sheepshead this past week from the northern jetty of John’s pass. He was using live shrimp fishing on the bottom. Luke buffek from Wisconsin, Alex Awad from Lebanon, and AJ Sazil from Tennessee all were catching nice flounder from the north jetty of John’s Pass this past week too! Luke was using squid for bait with a heavy weight to combat the strong current. Alex was using dead shrimp with a heavy weight as well. AJ was using live shrimp with a lighter weight and was picking up some mackerel as well as his shrimp drifted to bottom. AJ said that there were some guys fishing during the day with Gotcha plugs and they were slaying the Spanish mackerel. This is my personal favorite lure to target the mackerel. Also, Doc’s jigs work well for the mackerel, but they can also get the elusive pompano too! We sell all this bait and tackle in our store at Hubbard’s Marina. Stop in and let’s talk fishing, and get you set up for successful jetty fishing! 

Near shore The Spanish mackerel are taking off! We are catching them on the half day on squid while our customers are dropping to bottom for the grey snappers because they are so thick. We are also catching quite a few of them on the way out while trolling spoons. They love something shiny trolled behind a number one or two planner. We like to use about 12-15 foot of 40-60lb mono-filament between the planner and the lure. The red grouper bite is also starting to pick up with the warmer water. Tuesday’s all day, ran by Capt. Garett Hubbard, came back with 15 monster red grouper! One was almost 20 pounds! Richard Moore, one of our regular’s from St. Pete, caught three nice grouper. He was only one away from his legal limit! The hogfish are also still biting heavily on the live shrimp! They love them, but to target them efficiently you want to use light fluorocarbon, we recommend around 20 lb test with a 2-3 ot hook. 

Monster red grouper caught on our 39 hour
Monster red grouper caught on our 39 hour

Offshore Our last 39 hour overnight trip came in last Sunday with a nice pile of fish from the Elbow. They caught some monster mangrove snapper with some weighing in near ten pounds! They also brought in a 12 pound mutton snapper that was gorgeous! The boat had some amberjack but not as many as we have been catching in the cooler water. The grouper bite was strong, but we had to throw back many large gag grouper. We took home 30 red grouper and scamps. It was a good trip all around and we look forward to the two 39 hours in March. One is going to be a full moon trip on the 14th and we have just recently added a new moon 39 hour on Friday March 28th!

What’s coming up at Hubbard’s Marina

We have added another 39 hour in the month of March! We now have a New Moon 39 hour on Friday March 28th! This trip has a super light load since it was just added, make sure to book early as possible to secure the spot you want! Also, don’t forget to tell your friends because this trip will be a can’t miss light load!

We just got new bikes for rent! They are really unique and cool beach cruisers. They are fitted with super wide balloon-type tires to make riding in deep sand very easy for most anyone! Come down and take a ride with us sometime soon! We also have Kayaks, Paddleboards and Seaways for rent as well. For more information, check out the rentals section of our website. 

Our FULL 2014 specialty trips schedule has been posted to our website! Not only are the 39 hours showing now, but ALL our 12 hours are also listed During this month, we will have one more 12 hour specialty trip. The next 12 hour long-range trip is Thursday March 20th! This is a long-range trip meaning, we will be going 40-60 miles from shore running out for 3-4 hours for large trophy fish out in the deep water!

Are you interested in a 12 hour night snapper fishing trip? We will have two trips every single month starting now! One will be near the full moon and the other near the new moon and always Friday nights! This month our trips are the 14th and the other is the 28th! These trips are 12 hours but aren’t like the day-time long-range 12 hours. The night time 12 hours will be targeting mangrove snapper and will only have a 1:30-3 hour ride.

Hubbard’s Marina broke yet another fishing record recently! We now have the record for the LARGEST lionfish ever caught on hook and line. The largest ever recorded was around 16 and a half inches and that was speared, but ours was only a ½ inch shy of the largest ever recorded! These fish are an invasive species that can terrorize an ecosystem and they are taking over our Gulf. They are illegal to release alive, believe it or not. We kill every one we catch, and then freeze it to be sent away for research and that’s how we found out we set this record. Come out on a trip for a chance to help do your part in ridding the Gulf of lionfish!

If you ever have been interested in our regular’s clubs, E-mail Dylan at: Info@hubbardsmarina.com and he can send you all the pertinent information.  There are tons of discounts available and many different club options, there are four clubs in total this year and one is even FREE to join!


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