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Hubbard’s Marina Johns Pass Fishing report 04/02/14

hogfish and red grouper on hubbard's marina 5 hour half day fishing tripAround the pass- Marty Jensen, from Seminole, caught a nice whiting from John’s Pass north jetty on live shrimp weighted to the bottom. Whiting will be around awhile off the beaches, and if you get a few they make a great meal! Lou Di, from New York State, caught a nice pompano also on a live shrimp weighted on the bottom. Lou said he has better luck in the morning for pompano before the sea breeze kicks in. Hunter Brice, from Pinellas Park, was doing well on the sheepshead from the jetty too. He said that the muddy water helped the bite. The water will get muddy after any bad weather, and it helps the sheepshead get frisky. They are less likely to see the leader and hook, and tend to be more aggressive when it’s murky. Hunter ended up with four nice sheepshead in a matter of two hours or less he reported. Rick Siegel was also doing well on the sheepshead from the jetty but he was using frozen shrimp instead of the live ones. Personally, when fishing for sheepshead I prefer a smaller chunk of bait so you don’t miss a bite. When the bait is smaller there is less meat for the fish to grab and rip off the hook without getting a proper hook set.

Near shore- The hogfish have started biting again! We were catching tons early march, but then they seemed to dwindle down to nothing, but this warming trend has them chewing again. Yesterday’s half day was fishing only 9 miles from shore and they loaded up on grey snapper plus they brought home two hogfish and a nice keeper red grouper! The kingfish are still biting well, but have slacked a bit due to that recent bad weather. However, with the nice weather ahead were hoping they will be back on fire by early this week! Mackerel are getting bigger too. We also have been picking up a few cobias on our ten hour trips around 17 miles from shore. The red grouper have turned back on really well too! We have been averaging over 20 keeper grouper on each ten hour. Our private charter boat, the Hub, caught its limit of red grouper and had to come in early! The fishing is hot and the weather is beautiful at Hubbard’s Marina. 

African Pompano caught by Danny Sepiol from Valparaiso indiana on our 12 hour long range trip at Hubbard's MarinaOffshore- Our last 39 hour was super successful on the east side of the Middle grounds. Our boat found the Amberjack bite was on strong, and we landed over 40 of them! The grouper bite was also very good. We not only caught the red grouper, but also scamp and strawberry grouper too! We got over 55 grouper in total, and the bite is only picking up it seems. The snapper bite was a bit more finicky. We only landed around 100 mangroves. However we did get plenty of lane snapper, vermillion, and porgies to fill in the holes in the fish boxes.  They also landed two cobias and one was a very nice. We also brought home half a dozen kings. We got most of them trolling on the way out, but we lost some monsters on the flat-lines while bottom fishing. The pelagic are definitely heating up in the gulf!

Fishing report from: Hubbard’s marina, written by: Capt. Mark and Dylan Hubbard

What’s Coming up at Hubbard’s Marina

Remember our Kayak fishing trips? We plan to start these again twice monthly starting now in April! If you have ever wondered how to successfully fish from a kayak join our experienced guide for some kayak fishing fun! The first trip will be mid April, and we are building it now. Call us for reservations or for more information. May through October we will offer this twice a month, but in April we may only offer one… so call us today to reserve a spot, space is limited!

We have gotten a new bait freezer in our shop at Hubbard’s Marina! With the new room we have seriously increased our frozen bait selection. We now carry five lb boxes of cigar minnows, three lb bags of baby octopus, rock shrimp, clam strips, sand fleas, shrimp and squid. Were working to secure frozen oysters and fiddler crabs as well! 

Also, we have added a beer cooler to our shop! Now you can get all your tackle, bait and beer in the same place for shore fishing! Or you can pick up a case on the way home from a successful fishing day! This beer will still not be allowed on our boats, however, due to the stringent alcohol licensing rules.

During the Month of April we are going to offer two 39 hour long-range deep sea fishing trips! The first is a full moon trip on Friday April 11th. The second 39 hour is a new moon trip on April 25th!

Also during April, we will have 4 twelve hour specialty trips. Two of these will be 12 hour long-range day trips. The day trips are Thursdays only, and we will be going 40-60 miles out to target large amberjack and red grouper. The first long range 12 hour day trip is April 3rd and the second is April 17th! The other two 12 hour trips will be 12 hour night snapper trips. The night snapper 12 hours are Friday nights only, and we go 20-30 miles out for mangrove snapper. The first night snapper is a full moon trip on April 11th, and the second is a new moon trip on Friday, April 25th! 

We offer two shark trips a month on Fridays. In April, our two trips are April 4th and April 18th. On our first shark trip we did really well! The big shark we caught was a 7ft black tip. The shark trips have changed drastically from last year. We don’t offer shark trips on the party boats anymore. This year these trips are aboard our private charter boat, the Hub. We only allow 8 passengers, and we only supply the best possible shark tackle. We have also perfected the chum, and on the smaller quieter fiberglass private charter boat with no running generator were attracting the big boys. Join us for some night shark fishing fun!


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