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Hogfish Winner – Old Salt Photo of the Week

00-PW-HogfishCongratulations to Daniel Skelton with an 18.5lb Hogfish shot stone cold in the Florida Middle Grounds!  He is the winner of this weeks Photo of the Week Hogfish.


Until recently, Hogfish has been known as an elusive species that only Divers and Spearfisherman caught. They are a reef species that picks at their food despite their large mouth.  While fishing for them you may catch numerous other species, including: grouper, grunt, seabass, triggerfish, mackerel and much more.  They sit on the bottom and most people report catching them hook and line with chicken rigs and shrimp as bait.  They key is right tackle … we recommend light gear and be quick on the draw to reel (not yank).

  • FWC Legal Gear: spears, gigs, hook and line, seine, cast net
  • Federal and State limits: 12″ TL (fed) to fork (state); 5 per person per day

Hogfish are a reef species that inhabit rocky bottoms, ledges and reefs throughout Florida’s off-shore waters. They are easily identified by their long, hog-like snout, which allows them to feed on bottom-dwelling mollusks and crustaceans.  Hogfish are considered to be not just good eating … but GREAT eating fish.

Check out this video showing some nice Hogs…. https://youtu.be/G5CObHELMmA  by: Hogfish Feeding Frenzy


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