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Flood Insurance: YOU HAVE OPTIONS

Homeowners have been told there are no options outside of the National Flood Insurance
Program (NFIP) regarding flood insurance coverage for their homes. This statement is only
partly true and does not apply to all homes.
A large majority of the Florida residential market is impacted by the requirement to obtain
flood insurance. Until recently, the NFIP was the option to obtain coverage for your home.
Over the last 2 – 3 years the landscape of the homeowners flood market has changed
dramatically. Private carriers are now offering homeowners flood insurance. These carriers are
able to obtain a much larger variance in coverage offerings, which directly benefit the
homeowner. In addition, these coverage options are lower cost over 80% of the time in direct
comparison to the NFIP.
Of course, while reading this you are now thinking: What’s the catch?
The only downside is not all homes qualify. In addition, there are limited quantities of offerings
in each area. The only way to find out if you qualify is to simply ask!
Our agency has been actively marketing these new options and are happy to let you know if
you qualify. Please feel free to call our office at 727 298 0302, visit our booth at the Fall King of
the Beach or email personal@singlesourceins.com All we require is your full home address to
let you know if you qualify for a carrier. If you qualify, we will then offer you the options for the
coverage and timing to put that coverage in place for your home.
Single Source Insurance is a proud sponsor of the Old Salts Fishing Foundation. We look
forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the 2018 Fall King of the Beach!

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