2018 Rotary Club of Clearwater – Kingfish Tournament

Rules and Regulations

BOATING SAFETY: Any boat operated in an unsportsmanlike or unsafe manner will be disqualified. Remember, Federal Law holds captains responsible for the actions of the boat, the boat’s wake, and for all members of the crew.

FISHING START TIME & CHECK-IN: Fishing starts April 7th at 6:00 AM, therefore no lines in the water before 6:00 AM. All boats to weigh-in fish must check-in at Island Way Grill Boat Dock between 2:00pm – 4:00 p.m. for their fish to be eligible.

BOUNDARIES: NORTH, Cedar Key – 29 08 000/SOUTH, Boca Grande Pass 26 39 000, West: 83 20 00 (approximately 20 miles west of the Johns Pass Safe Water Marker).

WEIGHING-IN FISH: Kingfish will only be accepted from a boat registered in the tournament. All fish must be brought to the weigh-in station by the boat in which it was caught. All boats must be in the water in order to weigh-in their fish. All fish submitted for weigh-in become the property of the Tournament. No king mackerel under 30” will be accepted for weigh-in. Check in time for weigh-in starts at 2:00 p.m. Fish to be weighed-in must be tagged and delivered to the official weigh-master by a member of the boat crew. No mutilated fish will be weighed-in. Any fish dropped in the water or in a frozen condition will be disqualified. Each boat’s catch stands on its own and cannot be combined in whole or in part with any other boat’s catch. In the event of a tie, the earliest weighed-in fish will be declared winner.


KINGFISH DIVISION (Largest King mackerel by weight):

1st Place: $5,000 cash guaranteed.

10th or Last Place: $1,000 cash guaranteed.

Additional cash prizes awarded based on the number of boat entries. One place will be paid for every additional 10 boats up to 10 places.

SPANISH MACKEREL DIVISION (Largest Spanish mackerel by weight)

1st Place – 90% payout of Spanish Mackerel Division entry fees


$1000 Cash

To be eligible for the Single Outboard Engine Division you must fish from a single outboard engine boat. At time of weigh-in you must choose to weigh your fish in the Single Engine Division or the Overall Division, by indicating it on your weigh slip. Only one fish can be weighed in this division per boat/team and will not count in the Overall Division the team must choose the division their fish will be weighed in prior to weighing their fish.


1st Place – Trophy to largest King Mackerel by weight

A youth angler eligible for the Youth Angler Awards must be 17 years or younger on the tournament date. They must catch and reel the fish to point of gaff. One fish can be weighed in this division per boat/team.


The largest, weighed-in, Kingfish for a boat with a Rotarian will be awarded the 2017 Rotary Cup, regardless of cash prize or place in competition.


Tournament within a Tournament – TWT (Optional Entry $100) applies to the KINGFISH DIVISION only and will payout 3 places to the top teams based on monies paid into the TWT. 50% – 30% – 20% Split

PROTEST: Any protest must be submitted in writing to the grievance committee before the closing of the weigh-in station. A $500 protest fee must be included with protest. Decision of the grievance committee is final. In the event of a tie in weight or size, the winner shall be determined by the earliest weigh-in time as stated on the weigh-in ticket. A polygraph test may be administered at the discretion of the rules committee.

MANDATORY CAPTAIN’S MEETING: The Captain’s Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. at Island Way Grill, Clearwater. The meeting shall start promptly at 7:00 p.m. All participating captains or their representative must be present. The rules may be amended by verbal or printed matter disseminated at the Captain’s Meeting prior to the tournament.

MULTIPLE TOURNAMENT ENTRIES: Captains and their boats may register for multiple tournaments providing all of the Clearwater Rotary Tournament Rules and Regulations are followed.


All fish must be caught with hand-held rods and reels only. No hand lines, electronic reels, gigs, spearing or netting allowed.

Natural, artificial and live baits are allowed.

There are no limits on leader, hook or line size.

All Registered boats must comply with State, Federal and U.S.C.G. safety and fishing regulations

Participants in the tournament enter at their own risk. The Rotary Club of Clearwater, its officials or members the City of Clearwater and Island Way Grill shall not be liable for and hereby disclaim any and all legal liability for any and all losses or damages of any kind suffered by any participant, entrant angler, their guest and companions, boat captain, crew members, vessels and equipment which may occur during the tournament.

ADDITIONAL RULES: Only one fish per boat, per species is eligible for a cash prize(s) awarded by The Clearwater Rotary Kingfish Tournament. All cash prizes will be made payable to the registered captain of the boat which submits the fish for which a cash prize is awarded.

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