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Fishing Hacks: Winter Wading 101

JBrooks-Jersy BoysThis time of year a lot of us fellow fisherman spend more time on inshore waters. Getting wet is sometimes the best option. Wade fishing has some of the best returns. A lot of veteran fisherman prefer wading, they find that they catch more fish than those staying on the boat. Wade fishing makes it easier to get closer to the strike zone. Here in our local waters the favorites to fish for are Redfish, Trout and Snook. Each of these species are active, fun fights.

There are a few things to remember or to try out when wading. We have asked a few of our local members that spend a lot of time “in” the water some of their best tips and tricks. A special Thanks goes out to Ty Roth and Jon Brooks for some great tips.

Here are our favorites:

Check your gear! Nothing worse then finding out your waders have a hole or cracks in them. Suspend them and fill with water to check for any leaks. You have a leak? Use an air mattress repair kit or raft repair kit to fix the hole.

Get a belt. When using waders a belt in the winter time is a must. It slows the flow of water into the legs and boots of your waders. You will stay dryer and warmer.

Check the pot holes.  Winter time always brings some nice negative low tides. Look for pot holes in the areas you typically fish. When the tide pushed out, so did the fish so chances are these pot holes are loaded with fish.

Step sideways and stand firm. Shallow waters, especially knee deep and less, you may be able to walk normal safely. As water gets deeper and footing is obscured by depth sidestepping will maintain a wide, stable base. HACK TIP: Never, and we me never, cross your feet while stepping.

Slow down on your retrieve. A lot of time the fish seem a bit slower in the cooler months. Slow it down and you should see a greater return on your strikes.

Use more weedless setups. The slayer XXX Penetrator – Weedless Wide Gap is a great artificial. These work well in the heavy turtle grass. During the winter you will find a lot more gator trout moving in.

Floating stringers are a must. Keeping fish? Then plan on carrying a floating stringer. The float keeps fish from tangling up and safer from some underwater nasties. We suggest that you tie it up gently to your waders in a location you can easily and quickly untie. If you happen upon a hungry toothy creature you will have a quick release system to keep safe.

Know your state fishing regulations. Make sure you do not load up your stringer with species that are not in season. Check your state fishing regulations website to obtain the most current regulations. Also, make sure you have a fishing license.

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