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Fishing Hacks: Sabiki hooks

2010-06-17 151Pulling away from the dock at the crack of noon the ICW was jumping and so were the 6 girl scouts on the boat (yes, six).  At this time Cody (the mate for the day / my good friend) and I were starting to rethink our original plan.  It was a great idea that was a win, win, win situation for everyone. My daughters girl scout troop could get their boating safety badge, fishing badge and we could get a blacked out well for tomorrows trip.

On the way out of the Pass, Cody gives the girls their boating safety tips, all going to plan. We get to our spot, anchor up and my daughter shows the girls the bottom machine all lit up with bait.  The excitement is now building.  She explains to the others that we are going to sabiki fish for bait and basics of how to hold the rod tip up high so we can safely remove the fish from the many little gold hooks.  I was a proud Dad at this point. She also tells the girls we are going to tip the hooks with shrimp which entices the fish to bite even more than the shiny hooks.  Well, the girls got the seminar down perfect because  the bait was flying in the boat faster than we could bait the hooks.  We had doubles and triples times seven! My mate and I were getting exhausted running between dehooking and rebating it was ridiculous.   In desperation, we stopped tipping the hooks with shrimp.  It seemed crazy but the bite almost came to a complete halt.  Then we looked up at 14 puppy dog eyes staring at us, all wanting to catch more.  All of a sudden a spanish took one of the hooks and of course busts the entire rig off.  So, I go to the tackle box to rerig and looked over at the GULP bait pack of shrimp and got an idea.  I quickly grab a pair of scissors and start cutting the gulp up into bits and we tip all the girls rods with it.  They dropped back down and were on fire once again.  This time more manageable because we didn’t have to retip the rods, the gulp bait was much more resilient.

At then end of the trip all had gone as planned, we killed three birds with one stone and found a new little fishing hack in the process. Since that trip I have used gulp several times to tip my sabikis and works every time.  I still prefer fresh but in a pinch or if you find your self with 7 girls scouts on the boat I would give GULP a try.

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