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Favorite Seafood Recipes

So many species. So many ways to prepare and enjoy eating them.

While we prep, cook and share seafood recipes here every month we can still, only scratch the surface of the possibilities.Here are a few of our favorite recipes for you to try out at home.

Triple-Mustard Salmon

From the good folk at Food & Wine comes this bold take on that venerable Northwest gem, Salmon. Relatively straight forward and simple to prepare, this recipe highlights the range that Salmon offers in the kitchen and pairs well with hearty plate companions. See the complete recipe here


Real English Fish and Chips in Beer Batter

I got my first real taste of great fish & chips in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle in particular at legendary eateries like Totem Fish and Chips, Spud Fish & Chips, West Seattle Fish House and others. While the fare varied all were based on traditional English fish and chips so, from Lavender and Lovage, enjoy a recipe that goes right back to the roots of the dish. See the complete recipe here



Pan-Fried Triggerfish in Creamy Dill, Lemon Zest, Leek Sauce

Ok, this is one of our but, it is a favorite around here and for a number of our regular readers. Triggerfish is a particular delicacy and this sauce sets it off just right. See the complete recipe here

Pan Fried Triggerfish in Creamy Leek Sauce


Greek Stuffed Whole Red Snapper

Red Snapper. The subject of so much regulatory controversy. That not withstanding, Red Snapper is one of the finest fish to grace a dinner table. This recipe is wonderfully delicious and pays homage to some of the great Greek restaurants (the former Pappas Riverside Restaurant in Tarpon Springs, in particular) that our area has been blessed with over the years. If this wasn’t actually on the menu, it should have been:) See the complete recipe here




Spicy Buttermilk Battered Fried Shrimp

This is a Paula Deen recipe. Paula calls this, simply “Fried Shrimp”. Fine, it’s her recipe but, the name I have given it is far more appropriate. Run these babies through a tasty cocktail sauce and you have a mouthful of spicy love. . See the complete recipe here

Paula Deen Fried-Shrimp



Grilled Yellowfin Tuna

We have the pleasure to catch a range of Tuna in the eastern Gulf of Mexico with Yellowfin being among the favorites. It cooks up well in so many ways and fresh off the grill is one of the best.  See the complete recipe here


Pompano In Parchment Paper (en Papilotte)

Common in Florida waters, Pompano is less available (Atlantic Seaboard) elsewhere. Cooking in parchment is (depending on your cultural bias/myths) a Spanish, Cajun, etc. technique. Whoever deserves ultimate credit, it makes for one fine meal.  See the complete recipe here

SAV0413_New Orleans


Blackened Grouper

Lastly, let’s look at a venerable Gulf of Mexico staple, Grouper. We cook it up several ways with Blakened being one the more popular treatments. Chef Brian Landry does a fine job walking you through “scratch” Blackened Grouper.  See the complete recipe here


Enjoy these recipes. Let us know how the sit on your palette. And, send us your favorite seafood recipes. If we like them, we’ll share with our community of anglers.

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