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2018 Old Salt Fish Spread Contest

2018 Old Salt Fish Spread Contest

The 2018 version (9 years running now) of the Old Salt Fish Spread Contest was a huge success. As in the past several years the event was held at Gators Cafe on Johns Pass in Treasure Island, Fl – Tuesday November 13th. This particular get together is always one of the really fun one’s every year. Competitors get to strut their smokey stuff and tasters get to, well… taste and enjoy the bounty.

big fish spread contest

This year saw 27 unique entries in the contest andfish spread contest entrant better than  150 tasters. The contest is pretty simple. Bring your best spread, in quantities sufficient to provide the judges enough to judge with enough leftover so the 150-200 people gathered for the event can taste, and judge for themselves.

The four judges tasted each if the 27 entries narrowing the field to the top 3 spreads. The tasters also received the opportunity to vote on a “peoples choice” for the best spread in the room.

A big Old Salt thank you goes out to everyone who shared their culinary prowess Tuesday evening, the judges for their ability to taste, compare and pass judgement on 27 spreads and our great volunteers & supporters who make everything we do possible. We hope to see you November 2019 at the next Old Salt Fish Spread Contest.

Fish Spread Contest Resultscrackers and spread for fish spread contest
#1 – Morgan Kien
#2 – Jason Scripter
#3 – Mike Fisher

Fish Spread People’s Choice Award

#1 – Mark Boehme

note: They ate it all. Really! Every last bit of the fish spread right down to the last cracker full was tucked…..


Awards for 2015

Last night, (Tuesday – Feb. 9th, 2015)  we gave out our coveted awards from 2015.  It was an emotional night with some great people and organizations getting some great awards. The stories and bios leading up to giving each of them away was awesome and even tear worthy. Lifetime Members: Dave Zalewski & Rick Sorenson… Continue Reading

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