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Catch and Eat

Most of you, like me, are seafood eating fools. Give us a stick of butter, some lemon (and for me some dill) and we are off to the races with almost anything that comes from Mother Ocean. Before we eat, though, someone must catch. Again, for most visitors to this website that someone is us.

Florida waters, of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, provide a wide array of species for anglersAll the fish in the sea to catch and eat. We are interested in the connection between what folk like to catch and what they like to eat. Are they one in the same? Do you like to fish for one but, like to eat another? A quick survey of a handful of Old Salt members revealed the following:

Jim – Catch Wahoo & eat Wahoo

Jill -Catch Gag Grouper & eat Hogfish

Lora -Catch Mahi & eat Black Fin

Amy -Catch Wahoo & eat Wahoo

Alan -Catch ARS & eat Scamp

Looks like we are all over the board. Where do you stand on this? Take a minute and, using the comment section, let Old Salt know your preference for Catch & Eat.

7 Responses to Catch and Eat

  1. mike-i hate to say it,cause they are a PITA on a head boat,but AJ hard to beat as a game fish. eat-scamp,yellow edge grouper,queen snapper,trigger fish

  2. Catch- Sails, wahoo, aj, king, mahi
    Eat – tuna, aj, grouper, mahi
    But let’s be real. …if it pulls drag, we like to catch it.

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