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Best SNOOK Winner – Old Salt Photo of the Week

00-PW-SNookCongratulations to Cliff Gilchrist for winning the BEST SNOOK Old Salt Photo of the Week.  This week was a difficult week to win we had quite a few photos entered this week.  We all fell in love with the Dolphin photo bomb in the picture.  How awesome was that photo capture.

Cliff will be winning our Old Salt Prize pack full of goodies.  Everyone needs to keep submitting photos, every week we change the species up and we judge the photos based on the quality of the photo and the how well the subject matter is captured.


Last week we had the Mad Snooker (Capt. Dave Pomerleau) out to give us a seminar on How to catch a Snook.   What an entertaining and very informative seminar.  He shared his master techniques that he has proven over time with a great catch record.  To check Capt. Dave out – click here.

Here is another great article to read:  How to Catch Snook in the Mangroves, written by the staff at SGF (Snook and Gamefish Foundation)

It all looks ‘snooky’ but it’s not. Picking  the best spots to spend your fishing time isn’t all luck.Nearly every coastal Florida backcountry has miles of red mangrove shoreline at the water’s edge; it all looks “snooky” but it’s not.  So how do you determine where to fish?  First, are there baitfish along the shoreline?  Are there birds? Birds of prey don’t waste much time in a wasteland.  In the absence of birds, ar the mangrove leaves splotched with white?  That would be bird guano.  So at least birds do frequent the spot from time to time.

Is there tidal current?  Finally, is there enough depth for snook at aleast during high tide?  Is there a sharp undercut mud bank? If all of these conditions are present, you may have found a snook spot.  And three out of four isn’t bad!  …… READ MORE

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