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Best of 2014 Winner – Old Salt Photo of the Week

00-PW-BestOf2014So this week was a tough pick … We had quite a few GREAT submissions.  We decided the win belonged to Kevin Range and his wife. They not only had an awesome catch, but a great story…..

So I (Kevin) decided to take the wife on her first bull red trip this year. She was a little freaked out because of depth, current, and size compared to what she’s used to. But she LOVES to go with me every weekend in the creeks. Gave her the tutorial on tackle, venting and releasing fish; the whole 9 yards. Well, first drop of crab sits not 5 minutes and here we go. I hand her the rod and walk her through step by step. Rod tip up, reel down and repeat. Well about 5 minutes in she is struggling. We use heavy tackle to horse them up so they dont tire out but it wasn’t budging. So I heckle her a bit for fun. (I shouldn’t have) She pulls this thing up with a breach like a nuclear sub. Biggest red I’ve ever seen in person and makes all the reds I’ve caught look small. She bought a calendar for my desk and captioned it accordingly along the lines of “I catch bigger fish.” She did and does often. Couldn’t be more proud of her and she talks about it all the time. This fisherman’s tale actually has merit, but if you ask me she adds a few inches to the final arm spread every time. Hahaha.  Turned out to be a 50″ fish in reality.

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