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Award Winning Smoked Fish Spread

Brian’s winning Fish Spread

Our annual Fish Spread Contest was last week and our newest People’s Choice winner was Brian Wilson of Snook’z Professional Bbq.  He normally is cooking up ribs but decided to try his hand at smoked fish spread when he heard about our contest. This was his first try at it. We had over 20 participants out with their best and he won over the hearts and palates of the masses.

The secret Mustard Sauce he served it with instead of hot sauce was a fantastic twist to the spread.  This secret sauce is Intensity Academy’s Must Thai Spicy Mustard Sauce and is a definite winner.

At first, his response when we asked him for his recipe was…..
Fish, mayo, carrots, onions, celery, peppers …. 9 other secret ingredients and a dash of love and passion.   We told he we needed more. Here is his step by step process on his core recipe.

11988399_10153797424128982_3183767759242179820_nChef Brian’s Award Winning Smoked Fish Spread

4-5 lbs of Fresh fruit wood smoked fish (AJ or King Mackerel is best)
1 lb of Baby Carrots
1 bunch / head of Celery
1 whole yellow onion
1 jar of pimento peppers
1 jar of quality mayonaise
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Pepper
1 tsp Garlic powder
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
1 tbl Lemon Juice
2 tbl Worcheshire sauce
2 tbl of your favorite mustard
A pinch of love and a heap of passion and few other secret spices I just can’t share

Debone fish and chop
Finely chop all fresh ingredients
Mix together with wet ingredients
Allow to chill 24 hours before serving
Serve with Ritz crackers and Intensity Academy’s Must Thai Spicy Mustard Sauce

Makes approx 6lbs of spread







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