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Amendment 40 Red Snapper ruling decided this week

Chase Davis with his son this past ARS 9 day season.
Chase Davis with his son this past ARS 9 day season.

This coming week is is the Gulf Council meeting is next week in Alabama.  This meeting will decide our fate on Amendment 40 Sector Separation on Red Snapper.  The CCA has been a huge advocate for anglers on this matter. We encourage all fisherman to educate themselves on all the fisheries management issues and speak out on how to change the policies to better all fisherman.

“This is a huge moment for recreational anglers as it will set a precedent for how federal fisheries are managed from this point forward,” said Bill Bird, chairman of CCA’s National Government Relations Committee. “Federal fisheries management has backed itself into a corner and convinced itself that assigning private ownership rights is the only way out of the mess that it has created. That is completely unacceptable. If privatizing wildlife resources is the only answer, then it is time to completely rebuild the management system because it has hit rock bottom.”

We want the management system to be rebuilt. It has been failing not only in Red Snapper but all species.  We need to start over from data collection to finding better alternatives to not only sustaining the fishery but promoting procreation as well.

“The federal system has failed the angling public and is about to set us adrift with no recourse,” said Bird. “The Council must see past the chaos of the moment and forge a solid path forward for everyone. Amendment 40 will simply lock this broken system into place. If this is the best federal management can do then it is past time to let the states take a greater role.”

To read the entire article from the CCA with Bird’s quotes – click here

Gulf council meeting – October 20 – 24, 2014
Renaissance Battle House  •  26 N. Royal Street  •  Mobile, AL 36602

Click here to view the Committees Agenda
Click here to view the Council Agenda
Click here to watch the meetings live




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