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Old Salt Photo of the Week Winner – KINGFISH

00-PW-KingfishSo this week was KINGFISH! We always have a special place in our hearts for this pelagic this time of year. With our 23rd annual Spring King of the Beach coming up fast, the prize for this week is a free entry to the event.  This prize could be worth $50,000!!! YEP, that’s right we give away a ton of money for KINGFISH.

This week our favorite picture was submitted by Justin Elliott. The unique view of the fish with the  motion and strength of pulling it onto the boat showed the excitement of the catch.  We loved the eye and look of the fish.   Great picture Justin!  Now you can fish for $50K on us.


So, with all the being said …. the Spring King of the Beach is April 28-30th.  Find out all about the tournament – click here.

Want to know where the best places are to catch a KING here in pinellas county?? Read: Nine Places to catch Smoker Kings

Want to know the best methods on catching a KING? Read: 2 Ways to Successfully Land a King

2 Ways to Successfully Land a Kingfish

2 Ways to Successfully Land a Kingfish

Get ready to fire up your smoker and have your friends and family over for some world famous fish spread.   

With the Spring King of the Beach coming up soon ….. We are going to cover two of the best ways to successfully target Kingfish.

1) Hardware:  Trolling hard bait is probably the most common way that recreational fishermen target these fish. A planer rigged with a Kingspoon or a Bomber Long A is the typical choice. Planers are used to bring the bait being trolled to the depth of choice.

Planers used for Kingfish start with a size one and go to size four. The number of the planer dictates a 10 foot increment, and so a number one would dive ten feet and a number two would dive twenty feet, etc. The leader of choice is 80lb monofilament leader.

Kingfish are caught every year with these baits. Bomber sj 17mk and a glow 350 Kingspoon. Rods and reels used to troll hardware are different than those used for live bait trolling. A 6’6’ to a 7’ rod with a heavy action rating paired with a 4/0 sized reel with 40lb or 50lb line.

kingfish-rig2) Live Bait:  Slow trolling or anchoring up and chumming with live bait are very productive ways to get the job done. A 7’ to 7’6’ rod paired with a high speed conventional reel that can hold at least 400 yards of 25lb mono line is the standard. The terminal tackle to use is single strand hardwire or 7 strand cable with a 2/0 to 4/0 nose hook and number 6 to a number 1 treble for the stinger.

As shown in the the diagram to the right, wire size ranges from #3 to #7
in a solid wire and in 27lb to a 90lb cable. Bait choices will depend on where you are fishing. Inshore, you will want to use bigger baits because you will be fishing for bigger fish. This includes Mullet, Ladyfish, Menhaden, Spanish Mackerel, and Blue Runners. Offshore bait includes Scaled Sardines, Blue Runners, Spanish Mackerel, Spanish Sardines, and Cigar Minnows.
If you have any further questions feel free to call our store and talk to one of our expert team members.

Rod and Reel Suggestions
For hardware trolling, we suggest our Dogfish Stik #38. This is a 6’6” 30-50lb rod paired with a Shimano TLD 25 reel. For Live Bait fishing, we suggest our Dogfish Stik 10-25 or 12-40 in a 7’6” model paired with a Shimano Torium 30 reel.

~ Dave Bayes
Dogfish Tackle Company


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