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Regulatory & Environmental – ICAST 2016


This years sessions on regulatory and environmental issues were

  1. Less combative than last year and…..
  2. Heavier on the role of institutional activism as a means to address fishing related matters.
  3. Informative and, maybe even eye opening.

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership sponsored and hosted two well constructed lunch sessions:

  • Alternative Fisheries Management For The 21st Century
  • Will We Ever Restore Water Quality In The Everglades?

Fisheries Management

The first session “Alternative Fisheries Management For The 21st Century” was built around the findings found in the TRCP report “A Vision for Managing America’s Saltwater Recreational Fisheries” (dubbed the Morris-Deal Report), a series of preliminary actions already undertaken and efforts yet to be started. The TRCP, and partners, has stepped squarely into the briar patch that is the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

The report, and the subsequent efforts its findings have engendered, attacks along two fronts – the economic imbalance between commercial & recreational fishing industries and the efficacy of current fisheries management practices.

The Magnuson-Stevens rubric is clearly “commercial first”. TRCP points out the stark disparities in fisheries management ROI between commercial and recreational fishing and Magnuson-Stevens desultory approach to the matter.

The TRCPs approach to fisheries management (from efforts so far) seems to eschew the prevailing “Us vs Them” meme. In workshops and legislative & regulatory engagements TRCP is developing  the foundation to modify fisheries management policies through changes to Magnuson-Stevens and administrative actions.

If the panel discussion was lacking in any way it was by the absence of dissenting voices (commercial, etc.) in the room. That not withstanding, the session was a treat to participate in.

Learn more Here and Here


The Everglades

The second TRCP session “Will We Ever Restore Water Quality In The Everglades?” was a lively conversation. Again, there were no “other side of the aisle” voices but, plenty of back & forth on the side of the aisle in attendance.

At issue was, not the science – that was stipulated as done but, how to get things accomplished in the real world. The real world, consisting of bureaucrats , landowners, national, state & local governments, industry & citizens just to name some of the stakeholders, appears problematic. In fact, the real world has been problematic for for the health of the Everglades the better part of the last 90 years. Lot’s of shady characters, lot’s of dirty deals.

No definitive conclusion(s) came out of the session. That the Everglades is critical to the health of recreational fishing in Florida is not in question. That the status quo is an unmitigated mess is not in question. That the Everglades is the bulwark protecting South Florida’s water supply is not in question. That we have a workable plan (in process by fits and starts) developed and on the table to restore the health of the Everglades is not in question. What is in question are the motivations, the will to act and the desire to do what is right for those in positions of power and influence.

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New Products Showcase – ICAST 2016

The Winners

24 categories, 240 companies and 1,000 products. This is what made up the New Product Showcase at ICAST2016.

Rods, reels, lures, boats, boating accessories and more. It was all here and represented. There was, literally, something for almost everyone.  We’ve appended the ICAST New Product Showcase winners list with links to either the product itself or the company…. whichever we were most able to find.


ICAST 2016 Overall Best of Show – Johnson Outdoors – MINN KOTA
Product: MINN KOTA ULTREX: Product Info
Media Contact: Jim Edlund

Best of Show – Freshwater Rod – St. Croix Rods
Product: Legend Glass Rod: Product Info
Media Contact: Dena Woerner

Best of Show – Saltwater Rod – Lew’s Fishing Tackle
Product: Lew’s Mach Speed Stick/Inshore Rod:
Media Contact: Gary Dollahon

Best of Show – Fly Fishing Rod – St. Croix Rods
Product: SOLE: Product Info
Media Contact: Dena Woerner

Best of Show – Freshwater Reel – Lew’s Fishing Tackle
Product: Team Lew’s Custom Pro SLP: Product Info
Media Contact: Gary Dollahon

Best of Show – Saltwater Reel – Pure Fishing, Inc.
Product: PENN SLAMMER III: Product Info
Media Contact: Ron Giudice

Best of Show – Fly Reel – Pure Fishing, Inc.
Product: Pflueger President Fly Reel: Product Info
Media Contact: Ron Giudice

Best of Show – Hard Lure – Savage Gear USA
Product: 3D Suicide Duck: Product Info
Media Contact: Carmen MacDonald

Best of Show – Soft Lure – Squidnation
Product: Longtail Flippy Floppy: Product Info
Media Contact: Bill Pino

Best of Show – Lifestyle Apparel – Under Armour, Inc.
Product: Men’s UA Fish Stalker SS: Product Info
Media Contact: Heather Miller

Best of Show – Technical Apparel – Plano Synergy
Product: Frabill I-Float Suit: Product Info
Media Contact: Josh Lantz

Best of Show – Boating Accessories – Johnson Outdoors, Inc.
Product: MINN KOTA ULTREX: Product Info
Media Contact: Jim Edlund

Best of Show – Boats – Johnson Outdoors Watercraft, Inc.
Product: Old Town Predator PDL: Product Info
Media Contact: David Hadden

Best of Show – Combo – Lew’s Fishing Tackle
Product: Mach II Speed Spool Combo: Product Info
Media Contact: Gary Dollahon

Best of Show – Electronics – Johnson Outdoors – Humminbird
Product: HELIX 10 SI: Product Info
Media Contact: Jim Edlund

Best of Show – Eyewear – Costa
Product: Rafael: Product Info
Media Contact: Liza Jones

Best of Show – Fishing Accessory YETI Coolers
Product: Hopper Flip 12: Product Info
Media Contact: Brittany Hodill

Best of Show – FishSmart – Adventure Products
Product: EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Medium Clear Landing Net: Product Info
Media Contact: Grant Corbett

Best of Show – Fly Fishing Accessory – Boomerang
Product: Retractable Fly Box: Product Info
Media Contact: Lisa Jung

Best of Show – Footwear – Shimano American Corporation
Product: Flats Wading Boots:
Media Contact: John Mazurkiewicz

Best of Show – Giftware – Weego
Product: Weego Jump Starter 44: Product Info
Media Contact: Andrew Golden

Best of Show – Kids’ Tackle – Steinhauser, LLC
Product: 48” Starter Rod Combos
Media Contact: Ralph Duda

Best of Show – Line – G. Pucci & Sons, Inc.
Product: P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon: Product Info
Media Contact: Stefano Pucci

Best of Show – Tackle Management – Cobra Garage Door Storage
Product: Cobra Garage Door Storage Rack: Product Info
Media Contact: Pete Wagner

Best of Show – Terminal Tackle – Trapper Tackle
Product: DropShot/Live Bait/Finesse Hook: Product Info
Media Contact: Noel Vick


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