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Nothing Short of Impressive

Nothing Short of Impressive

12622351_1039206239473989_7626486300692934056_oThe recently held Johnny Kellar Inshore Fishing Tournament is one of the Old Salt’s smaller events of the year but, smaller doesn’t mean less inspiring! This is the “kick-off” to a new tournament season for the Old Salt and it gets the fishing bug flowing through everyone’s veins. For starters 185 anglers isn’t too shabby. Having a tournament in its 28th year honoring a young man that battled for his life and lived to fish is nothing short of impressive

The captains meeting, like all Old Salt captains parties (I mean “meetings”) was a hoot! Friendly, smiling faces all around catching up in the New Year. Fish smack-talk happening in every corner, good tunes playing in the backgound and a stellar raffle to wrap up the evening (as if the Old Salt would have it any other way).

Impressive is one adjective you can use for the fish that show up to the scales at the weigh in. The bets start flying at the Captains Meeting, who will win Master Angler? Who will make a friendly wager with a buddy to do something stupid like stick a fish down their pants at the weigh in if they loose? And, the biggest question of them all, who, will show up with a monster Sheepshead and/or Black Drum first?

Well, nothing short of impressive were the fish that came back to the scales. A quick highlight; 43.74lb Black Drum caught by angler Tom Campbell, a 5.96lb Sheepshead caught by Chris Wiggins and a monster photo release Redfish totaling 35.25 inches caught by Courtney Hadded. It was Elizabeth Morse who took the title of Master Angler this year with all five fish caught and back to the scales before anyone else.

This year a Youth Division was added to the tournament thanks to Fisherman’s Ideal Supply House of Madeira Beach. The Old Salt is all about families fishing together, so a separate division was made allowing a youth to decide at the scales if they want to compete in the overall category or weigh in the youth division.

As for me it’s the camaraderie that I experience that reminds me of why I love the Old Salt! It’s a great way to start the year. I’m around a bunch of “fishy” people I call my Old Salt family and I’m reminded of all the awesome individuals that helped build the Old Salt and the Johnny Kellar tournament to what it is today!

Jill Foraker (aka JillyFish)

Old Salt Secretary









Old Salt Photo of the Week Winner – Wade Fishing

00-PW-WadeFishingCONGRATS to Evan Selbiger he won this weeks photo of the week: Wade Fishing.  He is holding up a fifteen pound Black Drum caught in the Banana River using Gulp Shrimp on a 1/8th ounce weedless hook.

NEXT UP: Redfish

Great article on Wade Fishing ….

This time of year a lot of us fellow fisherman spend more time on inshore waters. Getting wet is sometimes the best option. Wade fishing has some of the best returns. A lot of veteran fisherman prefer wading, they find that they catch more fish than those staying on the boat. Wade fishing makes it easier to get closer to the strike zone. Here in our local waters the favorites to fish for are Redfish, Trout and Snook. Each of these species are active, fun fights.

There are a few things to remember or to try out when wading. We have asked a few of our local members that spend a lot of time “in” the water some of their best tips and tricks. A special Thanks goes out to Ty Roth and Jon Brooks for some great tips. (click to read more)

Old Salt Photo of the Week – Sheepshead

00-PW-SheepsheadCongratulations to Stephanie Moir – she won this weeks Sheepshead photo of the week.  Her colorful pic featuring yes, both a Sheepshead and a Black Drum, captured our attention and gave her a win.

Easy Winter Sheepshead Fishing |

Sheepshead fishing during the winter months can be fantastic if you can find the fish. We went looking for them off the Georgia coast and found that most of the closer in artificial reefs along the Georgia coast are holding lots of good sized sheepshead. In the winter months the sheepshead head offshore to take up residence on these reefs. The key to catching them is knowing how to present your bait and how to set the hook!

That Subtle Bite  |  When a sheepshead bites a bait, he does not strike it and run like lots of other fish. Oh yes, you will occasionally find one that will do that if he is competing with another fish for food. But usually, they will simply swim up to the bait, gently suck it into their mouth, and sit in one place while they use their grinding teeth to crush the bait right off the hook. Once they do that they gently spit the hook right out of their mouth. So a long leader would leave enough slack that most anglers would never even know the fish was there.

Read the full article – click here.

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